Family Birthing Center Ad Campaign

Client: Touro Infirmary, founded in 1852 and the oldest hospital in New Orleans

Challenge: The Family Birthing Center at Touro wanted a campaign that emphasized to expectant mothers how much of a role in New Orleans life it plays.

Result: Cap & Wing, in partnership with Design III, designed a series of print ads, billboards, direct mail pieces, and other collateral with headlines and copy that created that connection.


Headline: "Throw me something, Mister!"

Subtitle: Touro is where [New Orleans] babies come from

Copy: For 160 years, Touro has been a source of life in New Orleans. More babies are born each year in our uptown hospital than in any other place in Louisiana. The spirit of New Orleans is about the freedom to be yourself, so whether you prefer an epidural delivery or a water birth or midwife assistance, the doctors at Touro respect your choices. The Family Birthing Center offers free pregnancy classes, lactation guidance, early parenting advice, and much more for new moms and their families.


Headline: Uptown Girl


Headline: "How's your mom'n'em?"


Headline: "I'm a new New Orleanian."