Regional Transit Authority Website

Client: The New Orleans RTA, the public transportation authority that operates all streetcars and buses throughout the city.

Challenge: The RTA was embarking on an ambitious relaunch of its website as part of its rebirth following Hurricane Katrina.

Result: Cap & Wing helped organize the sprawling site and researched and wrote dozens of pages that included practical, promotional, and background information, all while keeping in mind the voice that would connect best with both locals and visitors.

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Page Title: Getting Around

Get wherever you want to go in New Orleans with the Regional Transit Authority (RTA). Our extensive network of buses and streetcars winds throughout every neighborhood of the Crescent City. From Uptown to Downtown, from Lakeview to the Lower Nine, from Mid-City across the Mississippi River and to the parish lines, the RTA goes there.

It’s easy.

All you need is a buck and a quarter. Take a seat, and we’ll take you where you want to go.

It’s convenient.

Forget about parking hassles. Forget about dealing with traffic and drivers on their cell phones. Just hop on the nearest bus or streetcar, and you’re on your way.

It’s inexpensive.

Compare the cost of an RTA fare with a car note, maintenance costs, gasoline, insurance, parking fees, and the inevitable traffic-camera ticket. There is no comparison.

It’s relaxing.

Read your book. Send texts. Listen to your headphones. Stare quietly out the window, or chat with the people you see every day. In a city as friendly as New Orleans, you won’t be the first to get to know other passengers on your regular route.

It’s better for the environment.

The more people in New Orleans take the RTA, the less exhaust is emitted by cars. RTA buses use bio-diesel fuel, and our streetcars run on electricity.


The RTA counts close to 15 million passenger trips each year, and our ridership numbers keep growing.


At the RTA, we operate over 80 buses on 32 bus routes. Almost all of our old buses were destroyed in the flooding after Hurricane Katrina, so the RTA now boasts one of the newest fleets of any transit system in the country. The average vehicle age is just one year.


Three streetcar lines run in New Orleans—the St. Charles line, the Canal St. line, and the Riverfront line. In total, there are 66 streetcars covering 13 miles of track. And more streetcar lines are under construction.


The RTA operates special paratransit services to help our disabled customers get around the city. As with our buses, the 34 vehicles in our paratransit fleet represent one of the newest fleets of any transit system in the United States.