MSF Global

Client: MSF Global, a technology and consulting firm

Challenge: The company was outgrowing its roots in providing geospatial solutions and needed a website that reflected its expanded capabilities.

Result: Cap & Wing created copy for the new website that emphasized innovation and trumpeted the company’s geospatial, enterprise, data, mobile, and website solutions.

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Page Title: About Us

Moving Organizations Forward

The clients we work with at MSF Global share our ability to imagine new possibilities, as well as our appreciation for innovative thinking that can overcome obstacles. Our main tool is information. Starting with data and analysis, we generate fresh thinking and systematize ideas into practical solutions.

The vision of MSF Global is to be a company that directly addresses the problems our clients need to solve. The end results of our work may involve marketing initiatives, strategies to increase sales, reporting and mapping tools, and custom software or websites, but ultimately our ambition is greater than any single deliverable.

From governmental departments to businesses large and small, MSF Global helps our clients reach their constituents and customers, create new efficiencies, and overcome challenges.

  • We’ve partnered with cities to consolidate geographic and demographic data in order to spur economic development.
  • We’ve worked with transit agencies to create mobile apps to enhance their riders’ experience.
  • We’ve helped non-profit agencies manage complex grant application processes.
  • We’ve developed custom tools for retailers to decide their ideal locations for new stores.

To discover more about our process and agile-minded approach, please read more on our Work Page.