Cap & Wing provides consulting and copywriting services to make companies’ marketing efforts effective.



What to say


How to say it


Strategically crafted messages will lead your clients and customers along the path to purchasing, signing up, or whatever your goal may be. We hone in on the concepts that will move your audience and differentiate you.


Your marketing will work best when presented in a way that’s simple and emotional, when messages feel credible and concrete. We tailor your messages to each marketing initiative and integrate scattered efforts into a larger strategy.


How We're Different

Firms in the marketing sector might offer design or digital services, social media or SEO, public relations or video production. Sometimes, these tactics are what's needed. Other times, they are solutions in search of problems.

Cap & Wing Messaging creates the various marketing messages required throughout an effective sales process and advises on the smartest ways to disseminate them.

Messages are at the heart of marketing, after all. They are what convinces people that a company can fill their unmet needs.


How We Can Help

•  Increase sales with strategically written materials

•  Define your key messages, and differentiate yourself in the marketplace

•  Prioritize the marketing your company really needs

•  Unify scattershot marketing efforts

•  Get the results you want from your marketing



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