Frischhertz Electric Website

Client: Frischhertz Electric, one of the largest electrical contracting companies in Louisiana.

Challenge: The company needed a revamped website to publicize its expertise, scope of services, and longevity.

Result: Frischhertz’s marketing department brought Cap & Wing on board to craft all the pages for the site relaunch.

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Page Title: Commercial

Frischhertz Electric has the capacity to successfully handle every electrical contracting project, whether it’s the construction of a new hospital, the build-out of an existing high-rise office building, or work on a public water facility. Led by veteran project managers, our commercial group is divided into dedicated teams that specialize in various types of projects. This specialized expertise means more than excellent final results, it signals an adeptness at recognizing minor problems before they become major ones. Our professional knowledge ensures that projects run smoothly under precise scheduling and within tight budgets.

In addition to turnkey remodels, renovation jobs, and new construction, we are experts in design-build projects. At Frischhertz, we focus on the three major areas of design-build—cost, time, and quality—that are concerns for most of our clients. For design-assist projects, Frischhertz works closely with the collaboration of owners, designers, and other contractors to finish with successful results as a unified team. We also offer electrical engineered design in conjunction with architectural design for seamless integration with cost concerns and timely construction practices.

Page Title: Historic Renovation

The historical architecture of New Orleans is an integral part of the city’s identity, and Frischhertz Electric has proudly worked on restoration projects for many of New Orleans landmark buildings, including the St. Louis Cathedral, the U.S. Mint, and the U.S. Custom House. During the city’s hotel boom of the 1990’s, Frischhertz Electric performed electrical contracting for a number of historic hotels and earned a well-regarded reputation in this field.

Retrofitting historic structures that were built when electrical systems didn’t yet exist presents a number of challenges. These projects also require the exacting specifications of owners, preservationists, and lawmakers. Our team knows how to successfully navigate these challenges, and Frischhertz Electric’s reputation for historical renovation projects continues to impress.