(Un)comfortable Environment

Suppose there's a mother who believes her teenage son needs braces, but she doesn't know how to find an orthodontist. So she does a quick Google search and clicks through the results. Here's a sampling of messages she finds on different websites (actual quotes):

  • "We provide the highest quality orthodontic care in a friendly and gentle environment."
  • "We are dedicated to meeting your unique dental needs in a friendly, caring, and comfortable environment."
  • "It is the goal of our practice to provide you with the highest quality orthodontic care in a friendly, comfortable environment."

...and so on. Which practice should the woman call? Of course, she has no idea. All the sites say the same thing, and to top it off, they all have near-identical stock photos of smiling people with straight teeth.

This mother's only option is choose a provider at random, but if you were one of the orthodontists trying to build your practice, you'd find that random luck is not a great way to bring in patients.

This business segment, like many others, gravitates to standard marketing conventions. Everyone takes cues from one another and ends up putting out indistinguishable messages.

If just one of these orthodontic practices were to attempt to present itself in an original and memorable way, it could stand out as a provider of choice in its community. All the owner would have to do is risk a little discomfort and dare to be different.

Image credit: joyfulinsanity